Goals, goals, goals…

by regandholly

I am pretty good at setting myself some pretty challenging and optimistic goals. Something I am yet to master is to break the goal down into managable strategic actions that will assist me in meeting my goals.

I am sure we have all heard and been through the topic of setting SMART goals. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. While this is all great in theory, I generally find it hard in practice. I find in order to make something quite large achievable, I need to break it down and have mini goals.

In the last few weeks alone I have set myself some goals, one lot is simple enough, one that will be a massive feat of physical and mostly mental strength, and one that might just be silly because of just how physically challenging it will be, but all I believe are acheivable.

Here goes.

Simple: The goals I set at the start of Bootcamp. I haven’t specifically been working on improving my 1 min max reps, but I do think that by doing bootcamp 2-3 times per week over the last 5 weeks I will see the significant improvement I wanted to. I am going to test myself out tonight hopefully and let you know my results!

Massive: This one is massive for me. I have registered to do the Sparke Helomre Triathlon. No Olympic distance of anything.. but a challenge for me. It will be a 500m swim, 20km bike ride and 5 km run. my friend from uni, Jenna convinced me to do this bigger one than the one I was going to do that seemed much more managable. But hay, “what’s the worst that can happen?” she said, “you have to walk some of your run” – and she is right, that’s not a big deal. So the Sparke Helmore is on the 17th March, which means I have exactly 8 weeks to train from when I get home from my holiday. I have a training program already which should prepare my sufficiently to finish the tri 🙂 only time will tell.

Silly: So the most recent and probably crazy goal I set myself just last night is to be able to do a handstand pushup. I should probably aim to do a set of 5, but for now, one will be enough. I have been researching different progressions to build up my strength and skill to do them, and I think this one will be the best. Using this one, the mini goals are already set for me, I just need to set myself a time frame for each goal and get to it!

Mini goal 1: 20 strict push-up. I will do these as hand release to ensure that I am getting the depth I need to build my strength. I would be pretty close to being able to do this. I will test myself out tonight (when I see how many I can do in a minute – I will try and do 20 unbroken). If I can’t do them just yet, I won’t be far off, so 1-2 weeks of practice should do the job 🙂

Mini goal 2: Hand stand hold for 60 seconds. I think I will work on this one simultaneously with my push ups, given that I can already get up. So I will aim to be able to do this within 2 weeks.

#Proof I can do a handstand 🙂

There are more mini goals within the progression, but for now, those are the ones I will focus on and should be ready to look at whats next by the time we leave for our holiday!