Baker Family Holiday

by regandholly

So first of all, I must apologise for my absence over the last couple of weeks. There are two reasons for this – being busy with my last two uni exams, on top of life in general. And secondly, I hit a little dry spot, not really knowing what to talk to you about! Now that uni is out of the way, and I am (alomst) recovered from my headcold, I realised I have the headspace to tell you about the holiday Sir and I will be departing on in just 16 Days!!!

Sir finished uni (specifically, his Masters in Architecture) this time last year.. We had been planning to holiday in Vietnam and surrounds. But firstly, I had been made redundant earlier that year, so financially it just didn’t fit, and secondly Sir’s family organised our annual Baker Family holiday to charter a yacht in the Whitsunday’s. We got our scales out and weighed up the option of paying for our own holiday in Vietnam, or being blessed by the generousity of Mum & Dad Baker and only paying our airfares to QLD. We went with the latter… and it didn’t disappoint…

Abel Point Marina


Whitehaven Beach ❤

Sunset @ Blue Pearl Bay

Sir & I

So the reason the Baker family Holiday is in topic is beacuse that is where we are commencing our 7 week long adventure. This year our setting is trekking the Milford Track on the South Island of New Zealand. We will be in Queenstown from the 1st December until the 9th December, and the trek is about 4 days, somewhere in the middle of that. Dad Baker has done all the bookings, so I don’t really have the details, I just have been told that it could snow. hmm.. I feel I was under-informed as to what to expect, unsure I will be able to give you exact details as we go, but I can update once we return to Auckland, before we head to the USA!

So on the 9th December we fly Auckland to Los Angeles, pick up a car and start our 2 week drive up the west coast.. We only have an inkling to just how great this will be.. We have a few planned stopped along the way, including Big Sur, Hearst Castle, Monteray Bay.. We will spend a few days in San Fransisco before driving inland to stop in at Bethel Church in Redding. Then onto Seattle to spend a few days exploring there.

From Seattle we fly to Calgary, Canada, which we are very excited to spend Christmas with Sir’s Aunty, Uncle and cousins.. I have not met them yet, but have been in touch over Facebook. I am thoroughly looking forward to spending a few days with them, and experiencing my first white Christmas…

This was from a couple of weeks ago – forecast is worse now.. I’m confident there will be snow by December!

From Calgary we head to New York for a week over New Years. Crazy, I know. We have booked a little (by little, I mean TINY) studio apartment in Greenwhich Village. 

From there to Chicago for a few days.. and beyond that we actually haven’t booked anything! Thinking Cancun, Mexico in order to thaw out.. and we will do a few days in LA at the end of our trip too.

So that’s our trip in a nutshell. I am hoping I will do as wonderful a job as our friends Elyse & Drew did in keeping you part of the Journey!