The Art of Monitoring

by regandholly

So yesterday I received my new Polar Heart Rate Monitor in the mail… I had purchased it with my hard earned frequent flyer points…I was super excited to test it out, lucky I had Bootcamp on in the afternoon.
Bootcamp this week was intense. “Sir” and I do both Wednesday and Thursday sessions. On Wednesday we did Tabata of the following (have inserted my score for each too – your score is the least number of reps you get out in any of the 8 sets).
Burpees 7
Lunges 13
Sit-ups 12
Squats 16
Push-ups 9The push-ups were terribly hard by the end of it, given that everything had been given to the exercises before. But Tabata in itself is an awesome way to smash out a quick workout. It is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds, so that is 4 minutes all up. So we did 20 minutes of HIIT work, and the best part was I was only competing with myself, to make sure I didn’t drop any reps each round.
Thursday we actually did the same thing, but I could feel my body was sore so I didn’t push as hard. I dropped a set or two off the score from the day before, so I was still happy with that. We did the push-ups first, so I actually did them on my toes and got a similar score to the day before when I had done them on my knees! I need to keep working on those!
So back to my HR monitor. I have been seeing the other “fitness” bloggers post their awesome workouts with their calories burned, all recorded on their HRM’s. I had been thinking I would love to be able to keep record and have a range of intesity to meet etc. I decided to go with Polar since I have heard so many good reports about them. I went with the FT60, which is the model that sets weekly targets etc. So far, I am super happy with it. The strap iscomfy, the watch is easy to navigate and I think the data output was accurate.

Super hot at Bootcamp!

I will keep you updated on how it goes for me 🙂