Busy Little Baker

by regandholly

Ah. Sorry I haven’t posted more regularly. It’s not because there is nothing to report, but quite the contrary! Life in the Bakery has been busy!!

Just in the last week I have: Finished and handed in 2 assignments, done 1 presentation, 3 bootcamp sessions, made 2 wedding cakes, attended a wedding…. and that’s not mentioning my full time work, travel, uni class, cooking, cleaning, churching, spending time with my family and sleeping! The last was a little lacking and is starting to catching up on me!

I mentioned in my last post that I finish uni this semester. 11 days to be exact. Only 2 exams left. For most uni students coming to the end of their degree, they would be looking upon their final summer holidays to enjoy, and the impending job hunt. Mix this with the slight sadness that this season of their life is over, and growing up really begins.. Not me.

I started my uni degree in 2009 when “sir” and I had just gotten married & moved to beautiful Newcastle. The first 6 months I did full time. It took some time, but eventually I began to enjoy just being a uni student. Sure money was tight being on 1 graduate architect technician salary. But I studied in my hammock, taught myself to bake amazing treats (that ulitimately lead to “Sir” gaining 12 kgs in our first year of marriage!) and hung with my beautiful sister Sally.

Until I was offered a full time job at the end of 1st semester. I remember sitting in the interview telling my potential boss that I didn’t really want to work. Looking back now, I can only laugh. I still feel the same. Just not sure I want to work! After my interview I broke down in tears to “sir” repeating my lack of desire to work full time and then went to my good friends Zea and Ben to talk about my options. We discussed how hard it would be to work and study, how it would take X amount of time to finish my degree. But after all the talk I made my decision and accepted my first real real job.

I hated it. But stuck it out knowing that “Sir” would finish work and be back at uni in 2010 and I would become the sole income earner for the next couple of years. These years passed with many tears, laughs and anxious times… I remained at the same workplace with my chin up and studied as hard as I could given the circumstances. My grades certainly demostrated my seasoning of capacity stretching. Thankfully a “P” was always as low as I would go!

In May 2011 I was made redundant. Initially this was the BEST thing ever. Until the unknown timeframe of unemployment loomed over me. In that not only did I lose our only income, security and for a while my identity but I lost my new support network that I didn’t realise I had relied upon. But I solidered on, knowing, trusting that God is our provider and he would take care of all our needs. That was a big lesson! I let go of a lot in that time, I realised I couldn’t trust in a job or money or my employer to give me sercurity, but that God was my ever-present help. I did a bit of temping, and decided to go back to uni full time once more, kick a good few courses out of the way! I also chose to accept an offer to go back to my old employer (the one that made me redundant)… Quite funny how it worked – I was paid out 12 weeks leave and was re-emplyed after 14 weeks… If only I had relaxed and enjoyed that paid leave, rather tahn stressing about being unemployed! Hindsight.

So I eventually started a new contract with that old employer, effectively doubling my income from when they had first hired me on. Funny how God works all things for good. I started this year with a light at the end of the tunnel with uni – only 4 courses to go. And here I am now, after 4 longs years of constantly having the “need to do uni work” over my head, only being able to take holidays during uni break and using my precious annual leave for exams, 11 days from finishing.

Finally finishing something I started.

And it feels good. Really good.

Now just quickly – I want to share some pictures from the wedding on the weekend!

The beautiful Bride Ashlea – one of my best friends since primary school and my dance partner for many years!

Ah my beautiful little sister Hannah and baby ❤

Hannah, “sir ” and I being silly

Weddings make my well up with Love for “Sir”

Baking Red Velvet Cakes

Decorated Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

So that’s it for now.. still busy busy for a few more weeks including exams, bootcamp and holiday planning… which I will tell you about soon I promise.