Momentum. Here Now. Gone Tomorrow.

by regandholly

Last week was SUPER busy… for the second week in a row I was squeezing 5 work days into 4.. as nice as a 4 day week is, the work still comes in non-stop and needs to be done.. I just have 1 less day to do it.

I managed to really get some momentum last week. I was finishing off my last 2 uni assignments, and working out regularly – I actually felt a little normal in my workout schedule! Bootcamp was terribly hard on Wednesday – I didn’t have any umph. And it was lots of running & burpees! But I finished it and loved that feeling. We then scooted home to get ready for the Newcastle 2020 Awards evening. That was wonderful.

So back to my 4 days work week – it really was so worth it! “Sir” & I headed to the Gold Coast for one of my beautiful friends wedding on Friday. Sam and I have been friends since primary school. I remember numerous afternoons spent at her place, playing girly games or swimming in the pool. She and Damien started dating in about 2003, got engaged in about 2007 and finally got married on Friday the 19th october 2012! Such a special day to share with her, and she looked so beautiful! Oh and the weather was spectacular!

The Bride and I – love this lady!

So with the wedding over on Friday, “Sir” and I had Saturday on the Gold Coast to kill. I made a rookie move and booked accomodation in Surfer’s Paradise, on the same weekend at the Gold Coast 600 – V8 Supercar Racing… And it was right outside our appartment. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as disruptive as I expected – it became busy during the day, but I hardly noticed the noise. We stayed in the QT – and it was super. the staff were brilliant, it was funky and comfortable. I would stay there again, even though Surfer’s isn’t the nicest location on the Gold Coast. We beached at the only time we are able (we are both very pale), at 7.30am. I realised that we won’t be doing much of this over summer – since we will be spending our Australian Summer in the Northern Hemisphere Winter!

Surfers Paradise Beach

Contemplating the summer sun I will miss

The remainder of our day was spent with “Sir’s” little Bro & GF. We went to Ripley’s Believe it or not, ate at a sweet cafe called Black Coffee Lyrics and ran a muck in Timezone! All in all a brilliantly, wonderful weekend on the Gold Coast!

So back to the momentum thing.. It can be so hard to get – I spent last week working really hard, and being really disciplined, and just a weekend away threw me off.. I guess I feel like I lost it this morning when I didn’t get up to go to the gym, because I know its okay to have a weekend off and relax, but I need to start again at some point. I reminded myself this morning every day is new in mercy, new in the grace that is power to live by and here I am starting again, choosing to make consistently good choices.

On a final note, I finish uni after 4 long years in just under 3 weeks and go on a 7 week holiday in just under 6 weeks! I will give you a run down on those two things in the coming posts.

What do you do to get momentum? What do you do when you lose it?