Teas’ and a Smoothie

by regandholly

I went a little Tea crazy the other day. I found this website, iherb.com that has heaps of amazing stuff for good prices and affordable shipping. If you wanted to check it out, I was given a code to pass on that will give you a $10 discount on your first purchase if you spend over $40.. Here’s the code:


So anyway – on IHerb I found an abundant selection of teas from the brand I love – Celestial Seasonings. These were a much better price than in our supermarkets, and the flovours – AMAZING. I went a little overboard and got Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Coconut Thai and Apple Pie Spice. Not sure which is my favourite yet, it really depends on my mood.

So many new favourites!

Additional to my new tea selection, I got 2 massive bags of cinnamon – I go through this like there is no tomorrow! some Stevia drops, the dark chocolate “Sir” and I LOVE and PB2 – another amazing find ❤

So since starting back at bootcamp last week I am finally getting my motivation back. Monday morning I started with legs – I felt a little lost at the gym, mainly because I wanted to push myself with weighted squats, but the bar set up’s were all taken. So I did some sets of leg extensions to warm up, then some leg presses and wasn’t sure where to go from there… So I went and did some foam rolling – Oh my, this is like the best ever! on my calves, since they were sore from running stairs at Bootcamp on Saturday. Then I found my groove. Busted out 5 rounds of 20 weighted walking lunges followed by 10 thrusters. That got me leaving the gym like I had worked hard – and I am still walking funny!

This morning was a little tougher to get up at 5:30am, but I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed my overnight oats and proceeded to the gym. I did a shoulder curcuit this morning for 20 mins. Some tabata suicide planks and then some more foam rolling… mmm. Then I went to RPM. Tuesday morning RPM is with Larissa – I enjoy going to her classes! 🙂

So this is where my smoothie come into the story! I got home and realised I had no almond milk for my POW smoothie. Lately I have been loving a simple banana and cinnamon concoction.. but not this morning. So since I rather not have a whole lot of dairy, my next milk substitute available was coconut. Coconut Milk is full of good, healthy fats so I don’t avoid it ever. I also realised I had two kiwi fruits that were begging to be used… Coconut and Kiwi sound good to me!

Coconut Kiwi Smoothie

2 Kiwi fruits

1/2 Cup Coconut Milk (I use full fat)

1/2 Cup cold water

1 scoop of Protein Powder (I used Optimum Nutrition Natural Vanilla)

Handful of Spinach (cannot be tasted, but super good nutrients!)

Ice Cubes

Just blend away and enjoy like me 🙂

Me with my beet-red POW face enjoying my smoothie 🙂