Bootcamp. Love. Hate.

by regandholly

It’s currently 2.17am.

I cannot sleep. I don’t feel like I have slept a wink yet. I can feel my body already beginning to be sore. And we still haven’t put any freaking (sorry about the language, but its 2 am..) blinds/curtains on our windows and the lights from next door are streaming in our window..

So I decided to get up and make myself a cup of Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Sleepytime tea. Fingers crossed it does the trick and I get some sleep before the alarm goes off at 6am. Not that I think I will be up for a workout this morning – maybe just a walk & stretch to aid my body to be able to continue to move over the next few days as the pain from our first bootcamp session sets in.

Larissa is our trainer. She is like super fit. I really enjoy training with her – not only does she push me, but for some reason I push myself when I train with her. I always know that I am going to have a killer workout, and some of the best results in strength & stamina I have ever had have come from my sessions with her. I never realised what my body was capable of doing until last season of bootcamp, my first season with Larissa.

Larissa said she didn’t want us to be so sore from our workout that we wouldn’t come back. She knows I will be back regardless, so I wonder if that was really true – at least now, as I feel my body melting in that excellent soreness you get from a massive workout. This first session was our fitness testing.

Larissa wanted, not for us to gauge how fit or unfit we are, but for us & her to merely be able to have a starting point to work from. She has recently completed her Crossfit certification, so I knew that this Bootcamp was going to be a step up from the last, in intensity and functionality. Crossfit is all about functional movements. Technique is pivotal in executing a move effectively and for the most benefit.

The fitness test Larissa conducted was full of functional movements/techniques -the plank (hover), pushups, squats, running and the good old burpee. I will quickly give you a background on the dreaded burpee.

My sister posted this on my Facebook wall with the caption: “Royal H Burpee. I have one question: WHY?”

The burpee is one you love to hate. Or just hate. But although I feel that strongly towards it, I must say we worked well together yesterday.

Back to the test. Here is a brief overview of what we completed, with my goal for 5 weeks time after it.

Exercise Time/Number Goal
Plank/hover 1:27 minutes 3:00 minutes
Pushups in 1 min 10 20
Squat Hold 2:30 minutes 3:30 minutes
Hill Runs in 10 mins 17 25
Burpees in 1 min 17 22

So there you have it. My bootcamp 5 week goals – now I am accountable! So I will be due to test again on the 15th November, and will try to remember to do so!

On another note, I made a delicious dinner after bootcamp last night. I had forgotten to get meat out of the freezer in the morning, so I decided to use tinned tuna. I really wanted to make a tuna mornay, but that is time consuming and uses lots of dairy, so I did the following.


Safcol Tuna in Springwater x 2 large tins

Juice of 1 lemon

Baby Spinach

125g Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese cubed

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Corn Flour to thicken if desired

Put Tuna meat and juice of 1 tin in fry pan add the lemon juice. Add cream cheese and baby spinach. Cook until cheese is melted, spinach wilted and tuna hot through. Add 1-2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast to taste. Serve on pasta or rice.

I served mine on Organic Pasta.


Anyway, my tea is finished and its now 2:54am. I best be trying to get back to sleep.. Hope you enjoyed this snippet of life in a bakery 🙂