Daylight Savings.

by regandholly

It has ruined me.. so far.

If your not aware, daylight savings occurs in Spring through to Autumn. Basically we turn out clocks forward an hour in order for the sun to rise and set later. It pretty great to have the extra hour of sunlight in the evening (last light is about 7.15pm now), and to not be woken up be the sun at 5 am. However, it takes some time getting used to. Hopefully it will only be a week to fix my sleeping pattern. But so far, things are not going too great.

I had every intention to start of daylight savings great. Still get up at 5.30am to get to the gym by 6am, do my weights and then use the daylight afternoons to do cardio – particularly hit up Glenrock with “Sir” for a mountain bike ride a couple of times a week!

Yesterday I managed to roll out of bed on time and did a great back & abs workout & some sprints. I then confirmed with “Sir” that providing it wasn’t raining we would go for a ride. Feeling great so far? yes! I walked out of work a little after 5pm, (needing to go to the toilet) the air was fresh, but it was still daylight! 🙂 And… the car wouldn’t start. Ruby (our car) has been a little temperamental lately, I will fill you in on her once she has sorted herself out. So our mountain bike ride turned into walking home. Fail.

Today, since I was going to have to walk to the gym, my alarm went off at 5.20am. Ouch. I did not get up. “Sir’s” alarm went off at 6am. I did not get up. “Sir’s” alarm went off again at 6.10am. I did not get up. Fail.

Although I fell back asleep each time, before I did, I argued with myself about when I was going to do my workout. It was Shoulders day, which just so happens to be my favourite, so I didn’t really want to skip it. I thought about doing it straight after work, or tomorrow when I do Arms & Abs etc etc. Let’s just say, whenever I was going to make up for this, it was going to take a lot of convincing.

So anyway, I got up at 6.40am, made myself breakfast, got lunches ready and it was 7.10am. I again argued with myself about doing my Shoulders circuit at home, with my dumbbells, since thats all i would have used at the gym.. Finally I went and did it. And it was good. I am so glad that I did. I ended up doing Shoulders & Abs, instead of Calves, I will do those tomorrow with Arms. My cardio will be my game of netball tonight  – super pumped. We haven’t won a game in ages! But that’s another story.

I am determined to get my groove back with working out. I was consistently working out 4-6 times a week for the last 12 weeks.. I lost motivation about 2 weeks ago, gave myself a 4 day rest last week and now its time to push through again. Starting Bootcamp tomorrow. I will give you some awesome rundowns on that in future posts. I’m pretty excited to get back into this love hate relationship with it.

So with that I will finish up – but I am wondering, I am the only one that argues with myself about working out? Or do you take alot of convincing sometimes too?? Maybe it just happens at The Bakery…