by regandholly

I totally didn’t plan to blog today. Sunday is my rest day 🙂 But I just had to share a little of something that has touched me tonight (I have included a little background to give it context).

12 Weeks ago i switched up my fitness routine.

I decided to do the Livefit Trainer by Jamie Eason. She is a fitness model and ambassador for Sounds a bit freaky, getting a fitness program from a body building site.. always make me think of those images of female bodybuilders that have such little body fat that they look like men.  But that is clearly not what I was after, but I was keen to build some muscle, lose some body fat and challenge myself at the gym. It was a brilliant 12 weeks in which I learnt how to fuel my body with the right foods (I didn’t always, and still don’t always get it right – I need to boot the sugar habit I have!) and challenge myself with weights. The most freeing thing was to not even weigh myself on the scales. In the past I have found that when I go into weight loss mode it becomes all about the weight, not about how I feel, my fitness or my strength. I now aspire to be strong, healthy, energetic, fit and confident. I enjoy challenging myself in running further and faster, lifting heavier and finding new, healthier ways to enjoy food.

I have found so many blogs that have inspired me over this time, real people that share their challenges and victories, and some particularly delicious recipes and food ideas. Jamie Eason has been one of these inspirations. I didn’t know much of her to start with, except that she is beautiful, hard working and motivational. It was only once I “liked” her Facebook page that it became apparent just how much depth she has. Firstly, and so wonderful to find, she is a lover of God. Everything she post comes back to bringing glory to him, which is what the Christian walk is about. Secondly, she is so real with her journey of salvation. None of us have it together yet, none of us will until that day when Christ returns for his bride without blemish. Jamie shared a video on Facebook, just today, in which she shared her heart about her past, her walk with Jesus, her challenges she faces daily in a career which can demand compromise, and her love and desire to bring glory to God. It was such a beautiful video, so much so I wanted to share it with you. She is quality and  I have decided, worth having as a role model.

So on a fitness level, I highly recommend the Livefit Trainer – for beginners and seasoned gym goer’s looking for a challenge/transformation (At some point I hope to give more details on the program). On a personal level, I highly recommend Jamie Eason as an individual to look to as an example of a child of Christ walking in her calling to inspire and educate others and bring glory to God.

I don’t feel like what I have written has done Livefit or Jamie Eason justice, but I’m getting up at 5.30am to hit the gym so I need to be getting to bed. I hope you check out the links I have included, if you’re interested.

That’s it for tonight from the Bakery.