Cleaning Up. And a Recipe.

by regandholly

I woke up at 5.38am this Saturday morning. I immediately told “Sir” that my plans for the day were changing. We had discussed a mountain bike ride and/or me going to the gym for a massive session (to make up for the 2 days ‘rest’ I have already taken this week). So my new plan that I made was to ‘spend the morning cleaning and preparing to go back to uni next week’ – this was to include washing, cleaning my room, sorting out the collection of spices that had accumulated on top of my microwave, and preparing some healthy go-to meals for the week! Each semester I notice that something is put to the way side as I juggle full time work, part time uni, working out, keeping my house in order. Last semester it was my fitness that suffered. This semester it has been my house. It’s like multiple mini bombs have exploded in each room creating a never-ending chaos. Approximately 2 times per week I flip out about this, but not today – I will get this in order.

Spices/Teas to sort

So naturally, I began with the most important part of my day – breakfast! I love breakfast! I have been wanting to make crepes for a while now, but wanted to omit the wheat flour & dairy.. so I did. I successfully made crepes on oat flour & almond milk! Super easy.. thought I would share with you.

Oat Flour Crepes

1/2 cup Oat Flour (made from processing rolled oats)

1/2 Almond Milk

1 egg

Pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in bowl and whisk. Let sit for 1 hour (I cheated and only sat them for 20 mins, but they will be better if you sit them for longer). The mixture should have thickened, you will need to add a couple of tablespoons more milk to thin it, you want it to be quite thin. Heat large frypan, add teaspoon of coconut oil, melt. Once pan is hot, add 1/2 cup mixture and swirl around the pan. Once crepe starts to get air bubbles, flip and cook the other side. Viola!

I ate mine with greek yoghurt (with protein powder mixed in), almond butter & berries. Tomorrow I think I will try it with my Coconut Lemon Butter (recipe below). Delicious.

Protein filled Oat Flour Crepe’s

Once I had accomplished breakfast, 2 loads of washing, the sorting of spices/teas my day was hijacked by “Sir” wanting to go to Bunnings to get supplies for his next DIY project – a bookshelf in the study. I was happy with this as I needed to get some storage containers for my cake decorating supplies. So happily I obliged, and off we went. A quater of the way there however, he received a text saying his new IPhone 5 was ready to be picked up – like a kid getting a present, he made me turn around and go back to the Optus shop to pick it up… This easily added an hour onto our trip.

Upon our return home, I immediately ate a tasty salad wrap for lunch and got into my next task – baking 🙂 This is one of my favorite activities! I needed to make some protein bars, since my supply was running low, so off I went and made Jamie Eason’s Lemon Protein Bars and added poppyseeds to make them extra delish! This, as per usual, left me with some egg yolks to use up. So I decided to try the Lemon Curd/Butter that I failed at the other day. Only I wanted to put a little spin on it and make it on Coconut Butter. Coconut Butter is super simple to make. Literally you just processing shredded/desiccated coconut until it turns to an oily liquid – about 6-10 mins. So I used the same recipe as the other day, only, instead of the butter I used my Coconut Butter. It came out quite good – not as silky smooth as normal lemon curd/butter, but yum none the less. I actually didn’t strain it as per normal, since I didn’t want to lose the zest..

Coconut Lemon Butter

So now we are getting ready to head out to Paterson for a BBQ. No I have not finished all the washing, or cleaned my room, or sorted all the Kitchen cupboards… but that’s life in a bakery for you… we can plan all we like, but the day doesn’t always go how you plan.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!