Hello world!

by regandholly

It’s official – Holly Baker is a blogger.

Well actually, this is not my first attempt at a blog. I started this sweet one years ago called “Baker’s Kitchen – Baker by name and by passion”. Lame right? Well I actually never got the courage to post anything beyond the introductory post because I’m a chicken and didn’t think I could write well enough. But something keeps stirring inside of me to write, so let’s hope this one gets a little more love from me.

So I am a Baker. By name. I am married to “Sir” Reginald John Baker, son of Peter John Baker and Shona Elizabeth Baker. It sounds very regal to me. I will give you a more detailed run down of my family tree at some point I’m sure! So, we have been married for almost four years now – and what an amazing, crazy, challenging, fun time that has been! You will gain pinches of what has been, as we venture into the here, now and the future.

Further to being a Baker, there are quite a few things that you will come to find I love – God, baking, nesting, nutrition, fitness, travel, DIY; this ingredient list of “Holly Baker” could continue and probably will expand along the way. My ‘life in a bakery’ is about all these things. You will find I will go on crazy tangents into any number of current obsessions. They are generally cyclical, so don’t be concerned if somethings not your cup of tea – I will be onto the next exciting flavour in no time! It’s simultaneously fun and frustrating.

I will try to keep this sugary, but we all know that we don’t always get the ‘cherry on top’, so in those times that are slightly more bitter, I will try to to be real with you and share some wisdom of things learned (hopefully at least wisdom of things being learned!).

I hope you enjoy experiencing my ‘life in a bakery’. I will be back with some sugary delight shortly.