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Month: October, 2012

Busy Little Baker

Ah. Sorry I haven’t posted more regularly. It’s not because there is nothing to report, but quite the contrary! Life in the Bakery has been busy!!

Just in the last week I have: Finished and handed in 2 assignments, done 1 presentation, 3 bootcamp sessions, made 2 wedding cakes, attended a wedding…. and that’s not mentioning my full time work, travel, uni class, cooking, cleaning, churching, spending time with my family and sleeping! The last was a little lacking and is starting to catching up on me!

I mentioned in my last post that I finish uni this semester. 11 days to be exact. Only 2 exams left. For most uni students coming to the end of their degree, they would be looking upon their final summer holidays to enjoy, and the impending job hunt. Mix this with the slight sadness that this season of their life is over, and growing up really begins.. Not me.

I started my uni degree in 2009 when “sir” and I had just gotten married & moved to beautiful Newcastle. The first 6 months I did full time. It took some time, but eventually I began to enjoy just being a uni student. Sure money was tight being on 1 graduate architect technician salary. But I studied in my hammock, taught myself to bake amazing treats (that ulitimately lead to “Sir” gaining 12 kgs in our first year of marriage!) and hung with my beautiful sister Sally.

Until I was offered a full time job at the end of 1st semester. I remember sitting in the interview telling my potential boss that I didn’t really want to work. Looking back now, I can only laugh. I still feel the same. Just not sure I want to work! After my interview I broke down in tears to “sir” repeating my lack of desire to work full time and then went to my good friends Zea and Ben to talk about my options. We discussed how hard it would be to work and study, how it would take X amount of time to finish my degree. But after all the talk I made my decision and accepted my first real real job.

I hated it. But stuck it out knowing that “Sir” would finish work and be back at uni in 2010 and I would become the sole income earner for the next couple of years. These years passed with many tears, laughs and anxious times… I remained at the same workplace with my chin up and studied as hard as I could given the circumstances. My grades certainly demostrated my seasoning of capacity stretching. Thankfully a “P” was always as low as I would go!

In May 2011 I was made redundant. Initially this was the BEST thing ever. Until the unknown timeframe of unemployment loomed over me. In that not only did I lose our only income, security and for a while my identity but I lost my new support network that I didn’t realise I had relied upon. But I solidered on, knowing, trusting that God is our provider and he would take care of all our needs. That was a big lesson! I let go of a lot in that time, I realised I couldn’t trust in a job or money or my employer to give me sercurity, but that God was my ever-present help. I did a bit of temping, and decided to go back to uni full time once more, kick a good few courses out of the way! I also chose to accept an offer to go back to my old employer (the one that made me redundant)… Quite funny how it worked – I was paid out 12 weeks leave and was re-emplyed after 14 weeks… If only I had relaxed and enjoyed that paid leave, rather tahn stressing about being unemployed! Hindsight.

So I eventually started a new contract with that old employer, effectively doubling my income from when they had first hired me on. Funny how God works all things for good. I started this year with a light at the end of the tunnel with uni – only 4 courses to go. And here I am now, after 4 longs years of constantly having the “need to do uni work” over my head, only being able to take holidays during uni break and using my precious annual leave for exams, 11 days from finishing.

Finally finishing something I started.

And it feels good. Really good.

Now just quickly – I want to share some pictures from the wedding on the weekend!

The beautiful Bride Ashlea – one of my best friends since primary school and my dance partner for many years!

Ah my beautiful little sister Hannah and baby ❤

Hannah, “sir ” and I being silly

Weddings make my well up with Love for “Sir”

Baking Red Velvet Cakes

Decorated Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

So that’s it for now.. still busy busy for a few more weeks including exams, bootcamp and holiday planning… which I will tell you about soon I promise.


Momentum. Here Now. Gone Tomorrow.

Last week was SUPER busy… for the second week in a row I was squeezing 5 work days into 4.. as nice as a 4 day week is, the work still comes in non-stop and needs to be done.. I just have 1 less day to do it.

I managed to really get some momentum last week. I was finishing off my last 2 uni assignments, and working out regularly – I actually felt a little normal in my workout schedule! Bootcamp was terribly hard on Wednesday – I didn’t have any umph. And it was lots of running & burpees! But I finished it and loved that feeling. We then scooted home to get ready for the Newcastle 2020 Awards evening. That was wonderful.

So back to my 4 days work week – it really was so worth it! “Sir” & I headed to the Gold Coast for one of my beautiful friends wedding on Friday. Sam and I have been friends since primary school. I remember numerous afternoons spent at her place, playing girly games or swimming in the pool. She and Damien started dating in about 2003, got engaged in about 2007 and finally got married on Friday the 19th october 2012! Such a special day to share with her, and she looked so beautiful! Oh and the weather was spectacular!

The Bride and I – love this lady!

So with the wedding over on Friday, “Sir” and I had Saturday on the Gold Coast to kill. I made a rookie move and booked accomodation in Surfer’s Paradise, on the same weekend at the Gold Coast 600 – V8 Supercar Racing… And it was right outside our appartment. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as disruptive as I expected – it became busy during the day, but I hardly noticed the noise. We stayed in the QT – and it was super. the staff were brilliant, it was funky and comfortable. I would stay there again, even though Surfer’s isn’t the nicest location on the Gold Coast. We beached at the only time we are able (we are both very pale), at 7.30am. I realised that we won’t be doing much of this over summer – since we will be spending our Australian Summer in the Northern Hemisphere Winter!

Surfers Paradise Beach

Contemplating the summer sun I will miss

The remainder of our day was spent with “Sir’s” little Bro & GF. We went to Ripley’s Believe it or not, ate at a sweet cafe called Black Coffee Lyrics and ran a muck in Timezone! All in all a brilliantly, wonderful weekend on the Gold Coast!

So back to the momentum thing.. It can be so hard to get – I spent last week working really hard, and being really disciplined, and just a weekend away threw me off.. I guess I feel like I lost it this morning when I didn’t get up to go to the gym, because I know its okay to have a weekend off and relax, but I need to start again at some point. I reminded myself this morning every day is new in mercy, new in the grace that is power to live by and here I am starting again, choosing to make consistently good choices.

On a final note, I finish uni after 4 long years in just under 3 weeks and go on a 7 week holiday in just under 6 weeks! I will give you a run down on those two things in the coming posts.

What do you do to get momentum? What do you do when you lose it?

Teas’ and a Smoothie

I went a little Tea crazy the other day. I found this website, that has heaps of amazing stuff for good prices and affordable shipping. If you wanted to check it out, I was given a code to pass on that will give you a $10 discount on your first purchase if you spend over $40.. Here’s the code:


So anyway – on IHerb I found an abundant selection of teas from the brand I love – Celestial Seasonings. These were a much better price than in our supermarkets, and the flovours – AMAZING. I went a little overboard and got Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Coconut Thai and Apple Pie Spice. Not sure which is my favourite yet, it really depends on my mood.

So many new favourites!

Additional to my new tea selection, I got 2 massive bags of cinnamon – I go through this like there is no tomorrow! some Stevia drops, the dark chocolate “Sir” and I LOVE and PB2 – another amazing find ❤

So since starting back at bootcamp last week I am finally getting my motivation back. Monday morning I started with legs – I felt a little lost at the gym, mainly because I wanted to push myself with weighted squats, but the bar set up’s were all taken. So I did some sets of leg extensions to warm up, then some leg presses and wasn’t sure where to go from there… So I went and did some foam rolling – Oh my, this is like the best ever! on my calves, since they were sore from running stairs at Bootcamp on Saturday. Then I found my groove. Busted out 5 rounds of 20 weighted walking lunges followed by 10 thrusters. That got me leaving the gym like I had worked hard – and I am still walking funny!

This morning was a little tougher to get up at 5:30am, but I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed my overnight oats and proceeded to the gym. I did a shoulder curcuit this morning for 20 mins. Some tabata suicide planks and then some more foam rolling… mmm. Then I went to RPM. Tuesday morning RPM is with Larissa – I enjoy going to her classes! 🙂

So this is where my smoothie come into the story! I got home and realised I had no almond milk for my POW smoothie. Lately I have been loving a simple banana and cinnamon concoction.. but not this morning. So since I rather not have a whole lot of dairy, my next milk substitute available was coconut. Coconut Milk is full of good, healthy fats so I don’t avoid it ever. I also realised I had two kiwi fruits that were begging to be used… Coconut and Kiwi sound good to me!

Coconut Kiwi Smoothie

2 Kiwi fruits

1/2 Cup Coconut Milk (I use full fat)

1/2 Cup cold water

1 scoop of Protein Powder (I used Optimum Nutrition Natural Vanilla)

Handful of Spinach (cannot be tasted, but super good nutrients!)

Ice Cubes

Just blend away and enjoy like me 🙂

Me with my beet-red POW face enjoying my smoothie 🙂

After Dinner Mint. And a Recipe

I LOVE my new Teapot ❤ ❤ ❤

I am having a delicious T2 Peppermint in order to beat any after dinner/study cravings that might attempt to get me..

Speaking of delicious, the dinner I made. As I was driving home from work, and was on the thought pattern of not wanting to cook and instead get take out. Friday nights have an unnerving ability to knock my healthy eating lifestyle right off track. But not this one. I reasoned with myself and came up with the following two pertinent reasons to behave and cook something balanced and nutritious for dinner..

1. Bootcamp is on at 6:30am tomorrow morning. I know that “Sir” & I both struggle with giving 100% to a morning workout if we have eaten poorly the night before.

2. I am going on a Hen’s dinner tomorrow night and know that I will be eating out. I only need to do this once on a weekend, so tomorrow night it is.

Earlier this week I talked about getting back on track, my eating has been pretty good – I had a little meltdown at uni yesterday and attacked some chocolate, but other than that I am consistently making sensible choices. It can be so hard at times, and I was totally kicking myself for giving in yesterday, but these things happen and that’s why I am preparing myself before the craving kicks in tonight. In terms of working out, I am yet to be out of bed in time for a gym session since Tuesday. But I am back at Bootcamp and feeling ready to kick it up a notch (did I really just use “kick” 3 times in 2 sentences?gah).. Hopefully I will be used to Daylight Savings and have re-organised my sleeping pattern by next week!

So anyway, dinner.. I came home, all meat frozen (because once again forgot to get any out)… My fridge is getting bare too – so I wanted to use what I had and not go to the shops. I got Pork Medallions out of the freezer and proceeded to defrost. I had tomatoes, apples, feta and avocado all begging to be used.

Solution: Pork with Apple Feta Salsa


Pork Medallions – I had 5 small

1 Apple

2 Tomatoes

1 Red Onion

100g Feta

1/2 Lemon juiced

1 Tbs Vinegar

1/2 Avocado

Dice Apple, Tomatoes, Onion to make salsa. Pan fry pork until sealed. Add lemon juice, salsa and vinegar. Cook until pork is cooked through and salsa is soft. Dish with Brown Rice and top with Avocado. Enjoy.

I totally forgot to take a picture, we devoured it. Next time I make it, I will! Sorry I also really struggled with my use of language – may come back later to re-write!  I’m off to (hopefully) finish an assignment.. I have to keep reminding myself to keep going, especially after a terrible week of sleep and hectic work schedule… only 4 more weeks of my degree and then a holiday!!

No time for boring nutshells around here! 🙂

Bootcamp. Love. Hate.

It’s currently 2.17am.

I cannot sleep. I don’t feel like I have slept a wink yet. I can feel my body already beginning to be sore. And we still haven’t put any freaking (sorry about the language, but its 2 am..) blinds/curtains on our windows and the lights from next door are streaming in our window..

So I decided to get up and make myself a cup of Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Sleepytime tea. Fingers crossed it does the trick and I get some sleep before the alarm goes off at 6am. Not that I think I will be up for a workout this morning – maybe just a walk & stretch to aid my body to be able to continue to move over the next few days as the pain from our first bootcamp session sets in.

Larissa is our trainer. She is like super fit. I really enjoy training with her – not only does she push me, but for some reason I push myself when I train with her. I always know that I am going to have a killer workout, and some of the best results in strength & stamina I have ever had have come from my sessions with her. I never realised what my body was capable of doing until last season of bootcamp, my first season with Larissa.

Larissa said she didn’t want us to be so sore from our workout that we wouldn’t come back. She knows I will be back regardless, so I wonder if that was really true – at least now, as I feel my body melting in that excellent soreness you get from a massive workout. This first session was our fitness testing.

Larissa wanted, not for us to gauge how fit or unfit we are, but for us & her to merely be able to have a starting point to work from. She has recently completed her Crossfit certification, so I knew that this Bootcamp was going to be a step up from the last, in intensity and functionality. Crossfit is all about functional movements. Technique is pivotal in executing a move effectively and for the most benefit.

The fitness test Larissa conducted was full of functional movements/techniques -the plank (hover), pushups, squats, running and the good old burpee. I will quickly give you a background on the dreaded burpee.

My sister posted this on my Facebook wall with the caption: “Royal H Burpee. I have one question: WHY?”

The burpee is one you love to hate. Or just hate. But although I feel that strongly towards it, I must say we worked well together yesterday.

Back to the test. Here is a brief overview of what we completed, with my goal for 5 weeks time after it.

Exercise Time/Number Goal
Plank/hover 1:27 minutes 3:00 minutes
Pushups in 1 min 10 20
Squat Hold 2:30 minutes 3:30 minutes
Hill Runs in 10 mins 17 25
Burpees in 1 min 17 22

So there you have it. My bootcamp 5 week goals – now I am accountable! So I will be due to test again on the 15th November, and will try to remember to do so!

On another note, I made a delicious dinner after bootcamp last night. I had forgotten to get meat out of the freezer in the morning, so I decided to use tinned tuna. I really wanted to make a tuna mornay, but that is time consuming and uses lots of dairy, so I did the following.


Safcol Tuna in Springwater x 2 large tins

Juice of 1 lemon

Baby Spinach

125g Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese cubed

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Corn Flour to thicken if desired

Put Tuna meat and juice of 1 tin in fry pan add the lemon juice. Add cream cheese and baby spinach. Cook until cheese is melted, spinach wilted and tuna hot through. Add 1-2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast to taste. Serve on pasta or rice.

I served mine on Organic Pasta.


Anyway, my tea is finished and its now 2:54am. I best be trying to get back to sleep.. Hope you enjoyed this snippet of life in a bakery 🙂

An Uninvited Guest.

Remember Ruby?

Well turns out she has been housing an unwanted, uninvited guest

Someone you generally wouldn’t let hang out with you, unless your odd and like to hang out with this type of individual.

I know a few people that do. But I am not one of them.

The house guest was a Rat.

Ruby let Rat sleep over in her engine bay, repeatedly.

Ruby fed Rat some nibbles on her wires.

Ruby refused to go. Rat got caught out.

Ruby is at the Doctor. Rat is being evicted.  

I’m just glad Rat never came, uninvited, into the Bakery.

Daylight Savings.

It has ruined me.. so far.

If your not aware, daylight savings occurs in Spring through to Autumn. Basically we turn out clocks forward an hour in order for the sun to rise and set later. It pretty great to have the extra hour of sunlight in the evening (last light is about 7.15pm now), and to not be woken up be the sun at 5 am. However, it takes some time getting used to. Hopefully it will only be a week to fix my sleeping pattern. But so far, things are not going too great.

I had every intention to start of daylight savings great. Still get up at 5.30am to get to the gym by 6am, do my weights and then use the daylight afternoons to do cardio – particularly hit up Glenrock with “Sir” for a mountain bike ride a couple of times a week!

Yesterday I managed to roll out of bed on time and did a great back & abs workout & some sprints. I then confirmed with “Sir” that providing it wasn’t raining we would go for a ride. Feeling great so far? yes! I walked out of work a little after 5pm, (needing to go to the toilet) the air was fresh, but it was still daylight! 🙂 And… the car wouldn’t start. Ruby (our car) has been a little temperamental lately, I will fill you in on her once she has sorted herself out. So our mountain bike ride turned into walking home. Fail.

Today, since I was going to have to walk to the gym, my alarm went off at 5.20am. Ouch. I did not get up. “Sir’s” alarm went off at 6am. I did not get up. “Sir’s” alarm went off again at 6.10am. I did not get up. Fail.

Although I fell back asleep each time, before I did, I argued with myself about when I was going to do my workout. It was Shoulders day, which just so happens to be my favourite, so I didn’t really want to skip it. I thought about doing it straight after work, or tomorrow when I do Arms & Abs etc etc. Let’s just say, whenever I was going to make up for this, it was going to take a lot of convincing.

So anyway, I got up at 6.40am, made myself breakfast, got lunches ready and it was 7.10am. I again argued with myself about doing my Shoulders circuit at home, with my dumbbells, since thats all i would have used at the gym.. Finally I went and did it. And it was good. I am so glad that I did. I ended up doing Shoulders & Abs, instead of Calves, I will do those tomorrow with Arms. My cardio will be my game of netball tonight  – super pumped. We haven’t won a game in ages! But that’s another story.

I am determined to get my groove back with working out. I was consistently working out 4-6 times a week for the last 12 weeks.. I lost motivation about 2 weeks ago, gave myself a 4 day rest last week and now its time to push through again. Starting Bootcamp tomorrow. I will give you some awesome rundowns on that in future posts. I’m pretty excited to get back into this love hate relationship with it.

So with that I will finish up – but I am wondering, I am the only one that argues with myself about working out? Or do you take alot of convincing sometimes too?? Maybe it just happens at The Bakery…


I totally didn’t plan to blog today. Sunday is my rest day 🙂 But I just had to share a little of something that has touched me tonight (I have included a little background to give it context).

12 Weeks ago i switched up my fitness routine.

I decided to do the Livefit Trainer by Jamie Eason. She is a fitness model and ambassador for Sounds a bit freaky, getting a fitness program from a body building site.. always make me think of those images of female bodybuilders that have such little body fat that they look like men.  But that is clearly not what I was after, but I was keen to build some muscle, lose some body fat and challenge myself at the gym. It was a brilliant 12 weeks in which I learnt how to fuel my body with the right foods (I didn’t always, and still don’t always get it right – I need to boot the sugar habit I have!) and challenge myself with weights. The most freeing thing was to not even weigh myself on the scales. In the past I have found that when I go into weight loss mode it becomes all about the weight, not about how I feel, my fitness or my strength. I now aspire to be strong, healthy, energetic, fit and confident. I enjoy challenging myself in running further and faster, lifting heavier and finding new, healthier ways to enjoy food.

I have found so many blogs that have inspired me over this time, real people that share their challenges and victories, and some particularly delicious recipes and food ideas. Jamie Eason has been one of these inspirations. I didn’t know much of her to start with, except that she is beautiful, hard working and motivational. It was only once I “liked” her Facebook page that it became apparent just how much depth she has. Firstly, and so wonderful to find, she is a lover of God. Everything she post comes back to bringing glory to him, which is what the Christian walk is about. Secondly, she is so real with her journey of salvation. None of us have it together yet, none of us will until that day when Christ returns for his bride without blemish. Jamie shared a video on Facebook, just today, in which she shared her heart about her past, her walk with Jesus, her challenges she faces daily in a career which can demand compromise, and her love and desire to bring glory to God. It was such a beautiful video, so much so I wanted to share it with you. She is quality and  I have decided, worth having as a role model.

So on a fitness level, I highly recommend the Livefit Trainer – for beginners and seasoned gym goer’s looking for a challenge/transformation (At some point I hope to give more details on the program). On a personal level, I highly recommend Jamie Eason as an individual to look to as an example of a child of Christ walking in her calling to inspire and educate others and bring glory to God.

I don’t feel like what I have written has done Livefit or Jamie Eason justice, but I’m getting up at 5.30am to hit the gym so I need to be getting to bed. I hope you check out the links I have included, if you’re interested.

That’s it for tonight from the Bakery.

Cleaning Up. And a Recipe.

I woke up at 5.38am this Saturday morning. I immediately told “Sir” that my plans for the day were changing. We had discussed a mountain bike ride and/or me going to the gym for a massive session (to make up for the 2 days ‘rest’ I have already taken this week). So my new plan that I made was to ‘spend the morning cleaning and preparing to go back to uni next week’ – this was to include washing, cleaning my room, sorting out the collection of spices that had accumulated on top of my microwave, and preparing some healthy go-to meals for the week! Each semester I notice that something is put to the way side as I juggle full time work, part time uni, working out, keeping my house in order. Last semester it was my fitness that suffered. This semester it has been my house. It’s like multiple mini bombs have exploded in each room creating a never-ending chaos. Approximately 2 times per week I flip out about this, but not today – I will get this in order.

Spices/Teas to sort

So naturally, I began with the most important part of my day – breakfast! I love breakfast! I have been wanting to make crepes for a while now, but wanted to omit the wheat flour & dairy.. so I did. I successfully made crepes on oat flour & almond milk! Super easy.. thought I would share with you.

Oat Flour Crepes

1/2 cup Oat Flour (made from processing rolled oats)

1/2 Almond Milk

1 egg

Pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in bowl and whisk. Let sit for 1 hour (I cheated and only sat them for 20 mins, but they will be better if you sit them for longer). The mixture should have thickened, you will need to add a couple of tablespoons more milk to thin it, you want it to be quite thin. Heat large frypan, add teaspoon of coconut oil, melt. Once pan is hot, add 1/2 cup mixture and swirl around the pan. Once crepe starts to get air bubbles, flip and cook the other side. Viola!

I ate mine with greek yoghurt (with protein powder mixed in), almond butter & berries. Tomorrow I think I will try it with my Coconut Lemon Butter (recipe below). Delicious.

Protein filled Oat Flour Crepe’s

Once I had accomplished breakfast, 2 loads of washing, the sorting of spices/teas my day was hijacked by “Sir” wanting to go to Bunnings to get supplies for his next DIY project – a bookshelf in the study. I was happy with this as I needed to get some storage containers for my cake decorating supplies. So happily I obliged, and off we went. A quater of the way there however, he received a text saying his new IPhone 5 was ready to be picked up – like a kid getting a present, he made me turn around and go back to the Optus shop to pick it up… This easily added an hour onto our trip.

Upon our return home, I immediately ate a tasty salad wrap for lunch and got into my next task – baking 🙂 This is one of my favorite activities! I needed to make some protein bars, since my supply was running low, so off I went and made Jamie Eason’s Lemon Protein Bars and added poppyseeds to make them extra delish! This, as per usual, left me with some egg yolks to use up. So I decided to try the Lemon Curd/Butter that I failed at the other day. Only I wanted to put a little spin on it and make it on Coconut Butter. Coconut Butter is super simple to make. Literally you just processing shredded/desiccated coconut until it turns to an oily liquid – about 6-10 mins. So I used the same recipe as the other day, only, instead of the butter I used my Coconut Butter. It came out quite good – not as silky smooth as normal lemon curd/butter, but yum none the less. I actually didn’t strain it as per normal, since I didn’t want to lose the zest..

Coconut Lemon Butter

So now we are getting ready to head out to Paterson for a BBQ. No I have not finished all the washing, or cleaned my room, or sorted all the Kitchen cupboards… but that’s life in a bakery for you… we can plan all we like, but the day doesn’t always go how you plan.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

I’m a little Teapot…

“Sir” and I had our beautiful friend Rhiannon over for dinner last night. It was one of those spontanous dinners in which Rhi skillfully invited herself over.. I love that she does that. It’s one of her MANY super-skills.

I had be toying with an idea to ‘clean-up’ (since I’m into this eating clean thing) some desserts… My Spring edition of Donna Hay inspired an idea for a coconut lime tart, with a nut/coconut oil base and then coconut milk & lime curd.. sugar free, gluten free etc etc. I will make it one day. But during my blog ‘stalking’ this week I found a recipe for some sweet little sugar free pavlovas (merginues) and a sugar free lemon curd over at I breathe.. I’m hungry  . Lemon Meringure Pie is one of my absolute favourites, so this was right up my alley! Anyway to sum it up – it failed. my meringue didn’t crisp and my lemon curd separated. it tasted good, but in my books, it was an EPIC FAILURE. I will contniue to experiement and nail it soon!

So anyway, “Sir” had told Rhi not to bring anything in the way of food with her, but he did request  “A bubbling smile please” (Another one of her super-skills!).. so rather than bring food supplies, in her spontaneous generosity she purchased me a beautiful teaset (as pictured below).

I don’t fancy myself much of a “collector”, probably more of a “hoarder”.. its terrible! But I do consider my supply of teapots to becoming somewhat of a collection..

My first teapot..  it started on our honeymoon. We stayed at “Sir’s” Grandma Christie’s place since she was no longer living there. She had left a giant red teapot with a sweet sugar thing and milk jug as a gift to me. It’s quite a bulky teapot and was a task to get home, but made it in one piece luckly.. Note: flying and crockery don’t mix well.

My second teapot was a gift from “Sir” for my 22nd birthday. It’s a sweet bauble looking red teapot. Brilliant to use for just me. I used it alot the first winter while I studied.. admittedly that lead to numerous toilet breaks as necessary procrastination! It also got a good run at work – may return soon actually, but we are coming out of tea season..

My third teapot came from “Sir’s” Nan Baker.  It’s a stirling silver set, again with a milk jug and sugar thing (what the heck are those sugar things called!?). I love that Nan gave it to me, a very special gift. Again, it had to travel back across the ditch.. Note: silver wear travels more successfully than crockery.

My forth teapot.. (gee I kind of didn’t realise I had so many until I started to write about them.. I must have a tea party soon to put them all to good use!).. this one is another GIANT one and has two matching mugs. It’s stripy, red, yellow, blue, green (I may have just made that up, but it is some combination of primary/secondary-like colours..). This one was given to me by my dear friend and work collegue, Joe. I had actually just been made redundant, so this was my parting gift since we both share a love of tea. I used this one alot over the 6 week span of my unemployment. I also ate alot of chocolate and watched episode after episode of the OC. Note: If you come across me like that, tell me to put down the chocolate, take off my slippers and get me out of the house! During this time I also came across the teacups and saucers that matched – so of course, the crockery fiend that I am purchased them for a mere $6 from Myer.. I do love a bargain!

My fifth teapot (almost there I promise) was given to me by my Mother-in-law. Mum Baker loves to give gifts. Especially to me it seems, moreso than to “Sir”. I actually had to ask her at the start of this year to stop buying me cookbooks (that’s another collection/hoard? I have that I will not go into today) because I just have WAY TOO MANY! So this teapot is a sweet little red oriental one (red again! it is kind of my kitchen utensil colour.. if I was to be given a Kitchen Aid Mix Master I would want Red.. hint hint). This, like most of the gifts from Mum Baker was a spontaneous one beacause she saw it and thought of me..

That brings me to my SIXTH (oh dear I have SIX teapots!) beautiful teapot from the beautiful Rhi. It’s very elegant, and dainty. It actually reminds of Beauty and the Beast, not because it actually looks like Mrs Potts, but I think it’s because of the yellow of Belle’s dress..weird the associations our brains make ay? I love it. I also have to make mention of a classic thought Rhi said out loud (i think its one that should be kept as a “I have the attention span of a snowpea.. do you ever wonder if things like snowpeas can think?”… Hmm interesting, but I probably wouldn’t go asking too many people that one!

So thats my teapot collection ‘in a bakery’.